We are very pleased to announce that from May 2018 BIM Manufacture became a Strategic Partner of LOREDO Real Estate Solutions.
The goal of this cooperation is to jointly develop the increasingly popular BIM technology.


BIM Manufacture brings many years of experience in BIM areas, while LOREDO RES experience in consulting and services for the real estate market.

Thanks to the combination of competences, the companies help in the implementation of BIM 7D technology for both private clients and public institutions.


BIM Manufacture has been specializing in BIM technology for many years, providing services for the entire life of real estate.

They support LOREDO RES in such areas as:

  • BIM 3D - BIM modeling and design, data gathering through laser scanning and photogrammetry technologies, coordination of BIM models along with collision management,
  • BIM 4D - development of BIM 3D models synchronized with time data,
  • BIM 5D - creating financial analysis based on BIM 3D and 4D models,
  • BIM 6D - performing energy and solar analysis for buildings,
  • BIM 7D - developing and updating models for Facility Management

In addition, BIM Manufacture supports LOREDO RES in the areas of:

  • Advisory and trainings in the implementation of the BIM process for Investors and Contractors at the stages of: design, construction and operation,
  • Support for Investors and Contractors in the scope of developing optimal BIM procedures, including BIM Execution Plan, EIR (Employer's Information Requirements),
  • Preparation of visualizations and videos based on BIM models,
  • Developing interactive applications using Virtual Reality technology (BIM to VR).


Find out more about BIM Manufacture:

WWW - http://www.bimmanufacture.com/en/

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/bim-manufacture/

Facebook - www.facebook.com/BuildingInformationModelling

Twitter - https://twitter.com/SzymonDorna


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