Meeting the following questions: Why LOREDO RES? Why was it created and what is behind this name? What will be doing?

... we decided to share our answer with you.


The name LOREDO has several meanings.

One of them is related to the name of Loredo. Yes, Loredo is the name of a person who ...

... is a leader and organizer, is determined, independent and feels best working in his own business, making his own decisions, but at the same time he keeps the balance between business and private life.


LOREDO is also the name that characterizes our vision of the approach to functioning and increasing the efficiency of real estate:


  • Lean
  • Optimization
  • Real
  • Estate
  • Drivers
  • Opportunities

The LOREDO RES logo presents the property (central circle) that is surrounded by many needs, challenges, services and opportunities. Without a comprehensive look and approach (360 °), you will never be able to find the optimal solution.

The scope of LOREDO RES's activities includes consulting and services for the real estate market. We have created three business lines:

  • Digitalisation
  • RE Consulting
  • Facility Management

We invite you to read the detailed description of the services on our website ...



Our goal is to introduce a new methods of service delivery and management to the real estate market.

Today's methods require refreshing - sometimes a total change - otherwise currently used models will become inefficient and unprofitable.

Soon we will share with you our visions and reports on the first realizations ....




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